About Action Points

IMG 0119

Level 34 Kentrosaurus using 4 attack action points

Attack Action points cause harm to the opponent's creature. 

Action Point Name Function

The symbol for attack action point

This action point will harm the opponent's dinosaur.

The damage of the attack depends on the level of the dinosaur and class advantage.

This action point can be used up to 8 times.

The damage is compounded and can be calculated with this equation:

Total Damage = Base Attack Damage * Class Advantage * Number of Action Points

Class Advantage Input:

  • None 1
  • Advantage 1.5
  • Disadvantage 0.5
Number of Action Points used   Additional Damage 
1  Action Point  Multiply by 1
2  Action Points Multiply by 2.4
3  Action Points Multiply by 4.2
4  Action Points Multiply by 6.4
5  Action Points Multiply by 9
6  Action Points Multiply by 12
7  Action Points Multiply by 15.4
8  Action Points Multiply by 20
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