The dinosaur's card
Rarity Super Rare Aquatic
Class Cave
Price 3,000 DNA
Hatch Time Unlocked by getting the Aquatics Pack and the Baculites Pack.
Unlock Method Unknown
Hybrid(s) Unknown
Coins Generated @ Lvl 40 Unknown
Health @ Lvl 40 Unknown
Damage @ Lvl 40 Unknown

About Baculites

Baculites ("walking stick rock") is an extinct genus of cephalopods with a nearly straight shell, included in the heteromorph ammonites. The genus, which lived worldwide throughout most of the Late Cretaceous, was named by Lamarck in 1799 The adult shell of Baculites is generally straight and may be either smooth or with sinuous striae or ribbing that typically slant dorso-ventrally forward. The aperture likewise slopes to the front and has a sinuous margin. The venter is narrowly rounded to acute while the dorsum is more broad. The juvenile shell, found at the apex, is coiled in one or two whorls and described as minute, about a centimeter in diameter. Adult Baculites ranged in size from about seven centimeters (Baculites larsoni) up to two meters in length.

Super Rare Aquatics
Limited edition



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