About Battles

A battle is were the player fights another person or a bot. Battles are 3 (or less) dinosaurs against 3 dinosaurs (or less) . The only time were the opponent fights more than three dinosaurs is stampede event. The player must battle 9 dinosaurs for a rare card pack reward.

The player can win the battle IF all the opponent dinosaurs gets knocked out.

The player can lose the battle IF all the opponent dinosaurs  deafeats the player's dinosaur, or the player just gives up.

The players has twenty seconds to make a move in the live arena or tournaments. In the events, the players have infinite amount of time.

Arenas are events from 3 to 5 batttles. They reward DNA and a card pack every event.

Action Points

Action Point Name Function

The symbol for attack action point

This action point will harm the opponent's dinosaur.

The damage of the attack depends on the level of the dinosaur and class advantage. Please note that there is a damage multiplier for you to attack.

This action point can be used up to 8 times.

The damage can be blocked by block points if it is enough.



The symbol for block action point

This action point will protect your dinosaurs from attack action points.

In order to recieve no damage, the block action point MUST block ALL attack points.

This action point can be used up to 8 times.


The symbol for reserve action points.

This action point will  add another action point to the round,

The second player will have an extra reserve in the first round for going second.

This action point can be used up to 4 times.

If you wish to reserve all your points, you should do it when you can predict that the enemy won't attack you. It can be rewarding but if it is used in the wrong hands, it can be suicidal.

Tips for combat...

If your enemy can two shot you, it is better to block in the beginning than to sacrifice your dinosaur just for a reserve. Use the dinosaur that is in the front as a bait for the enemy to attack you over and over again. Then you can go all out reserve to gain the upper hand next turn.

If you can predict that your enemy will switch to the class that has advantage against you, then you should have one less block then all your action points. It would be wise to reserve.

Early in the match, you should be reserving or blocking if nessecary. Reserving will gain you the upper hand towards the middle of the match because you have more action points. Keep in mind that youm ay be putting your self under risk if you are greedy at reserving. Towards the end of the match, you might want to switch position with your dinosaur you were "baiting" with to gain the upper hand in formation. As the enemy dinosaurs fall down one by one, you should be able to win.

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Jurassicworld 02
IMG 0265
IMG 0010

Ostafrikasaurus vs Carnosaurs

IMG 1189

Tapejara vs Tapejara

IMG 0836

Level 20 Microposaurus

IMG 1485

Level 40 Velociraptor vs level 40 Shunosaurus

IMG 0649

Megalosaurus vs Shunosaurus

IMG 0541

Dunkleosteus in Battle

IMG 3177

An example of a battle

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