About the Animal:

Megacerops (Brontotherium) ("large-horned face", from méga- "large" + kéras "horn" + ōps "face") is an extinct genus of prehistoric odd-toed ungulate (hoofed mammal) in the family Brontotheriidae, an extinct group of rhinoceros-like browsers related to horses. It was endemic to North America during the Late Eocene epoch (38–33.9 mya), existing for approximately 4.1 million years.

In Game:

Brontotherium is a VIP savannah creature added in February 9th 2018. It is obtained in the same way as other VIP Creatures: by purchasing its respective pack or a Solid Gold Pack with Loyalty Points.


  • Brontotherium, also called the Megacerops, is a giant hoofed mammal similar to a rhinoceros. It stands nearly 8 feet tall!
  • Though it resembles a rhinoceros with two nose horns, Brontotherium is actually closely related to horses!
  • The horns of males Brontotherium are larger than those of the female. This is because Brontotherium duel for their mates!
  • Brontotherium means ‘Thunder Beast.' The name certainly suits the gigantic armored herbivore!


Level Health Attack Coins/12 hours
1 464 269 1449
10 696 404 14490
20 1191 691 57960
30 1816 1054 173880
40 2570 1491 463680

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