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Owen Grady in a mission

Jurassic World

There are many important characters in the movie and game. The characters assign missions and thier reward is resources. They can also give you xp which is important to leveling up to the next park level.

Characters listed in the chart below are not time limited mission.

List of characters Picture of the Characters
Owen Grady

Owen Grady in one of the missions

Claire Dearing

Claire in a mission

Simon Masrani

Masrani in a mission

Vic Hoskins

Hoskins in the mission

Zara Young

Zara in a mission

Lowery Cunthers
Lowery C

Lowery in a mission

Zach Mitchell
Zach M

Zach in a mission

Gray Mitchell
Gray M

Gray in a mission

Henry Wu
Dr. Wu

Dr. Wu in a mission

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