Aquatic Class

Class Advantage of Aquatics

About Classes of Aquatics

There are three classes of aquatics. They are reef, caves, and surface.

Reef Aquatics

Reef Aquatics are superior to surface aquatics by 50%, but inferior to cave.

  1. Kronosaurus
  2. Leptocleidus
  3. Psephoderma
  4. Archelon

Cave Aquatics

Cave Aquatics are superior to reef aquatics, but inferior to surface aquatics.

  1. Dunkleosteus
  2. Dakosaurus
  3. Ammonite

Surface Aquatics

Surface Aquatics are superior to  cave aquatics by 50%, but inferior to  reef aquatics by 50%.

  1. Mosasaurus
  2. Prognathodon
  3. Megalodon
  4. Styxosaurus
  5. Edestus


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