Are you struggling against hard events? Or you can't just stand your enemy to having just such better stats then you? What do you have? You have your brains! Lets cover some useful tactics you can use to your advantage.

1) Have you noticed your enemies do 2 reserves and 2 blocks when they have 4 action points? If you somehow saved up to 8, just do 6 blocks and 2 reserves to counter-attack your enemy. This is very effective for people that have far weaker dinosaurs in health but insane amount of damage. Not only that but it can put an end to that 7-point attack!

2)Spam Block points. If you notice that your enemy can 2-shot your dinosaur, just spam your block. Why? Use this dinosaur as a bait. If you manage to hold them off, (make sure they don't get two reserves on you) then you can just spam all 4 reserves by the next turn. Why? Because usually the enemy will think you persisted, so they will waste all their 6 or so on. Then use your 8 action points to your advantage.

3) Do you notice that one amphibian that has the advantage to block all his puny hervibores while you have a straight up carnivore team? Just you the dinosaur that has no advantage to your bait. Switch to your weakest dinosaur that you wish to sacrifice 3 reserve points. You would then expect the enemy to spam all 6 or other quantity of attack points to your advantage.

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