About Common Dinosaurs

Common dinosaurs are the most common dinosaur in the game. They can be bought from 100-200 DNA, and they take 2 to 30 minutes to hatch. They do not cost alot to evlove and are quick to level up. Some common dinosaurs can be fused in to hybrids like Stegoceratops,Spinoraptor, and Tropeogopterus.

How to get Common Dinosaurs

Common dinosaurs are very easy to get. They cost a low amount of DNA (100-120), and they can be found in mystery( sometimes) or a common pack.

Game Tips

There are missions that require level 40 dinosaurs. You can use level 40 common dinosaurs because they are cheap to buy and are quick to level up to 40.

List of Common Dinosaurs

  1. Triceratops
  2. Majungasaurus
  3. Alanqa
  4. Limnoscelis
  5. Argentinosaurus
  6. Tropeognathus
  7. Utahraptor
  8. Labyrinthodontia
  9. Hatzegopteryx
  10. Guanlong
  11. Diplocaulus
  12. Tuojiangosaurus
  13. Pelecanimimus
  14. Bonitasaura
  15. Coloborhynchus

Common Hybrids

  1. Pelecanipteryx
  2. Limnorhynchus
  3. Alangasaurus
  4. Labyrinthosaurus


Getting Commons from card packs:

IMG 3375

getting Triceratops in a mystery pack

IMG 3409

getting Majungasaurus in a mystery card pack

IMG 3225

utahraptor in mystery card pack

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