About Dinosaur Paddocks

Dinosaur paddocks are cages were you hold your dinosaurs. They can hold up to 12 dinosaurs . The sizes of paddocks determines on class. Herbivores and Pterosaurs have the same size of paddock. Carnivores and Amphibians have the same size. The rank of dinosaur does not matter. For example, 12 dinosaurs can be hold for both common and legendary.

Aquatic Paddock

The Mosasaur Lagoon is the paddock for aquatics . There is a spot for 20 types of aquatics. When you click on a spot there will be 12 slots for one type of aquatics. 
IMG 2901

Inside a Dimetrodon paddock


  1. The paddocks were designed from elements of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World.
  2. In every carnivore paddock, there is a jurassic park jeep homage of the Jurassic Park movie.


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