Diplotator card
Rarity Rare/Hybrid
Class Amphibian
Price 4000 DNA
Hatch Time 4 hours 55 minutes
Fusion Species Diplocaulus & Irritator
Coins Generated @ Lvl 40 107050 per 6hrs
Health @ Lvl 40 1691
Damage @ Lvl 40 584

About Diplotator

Diplotator is a genetically modified hybrid of a Diplocaulus and an Irritator. It is also the base for the Diplosuchus Super-Hybrid.

In Game

Diplotator acts as both a good battler and a great source of coins. It has the highest coin output of all Rare Amphibians in the game.

Evolution Table

Stage Rewards Facts Appearance
Bucks Food DNA LP
Evo 1 None 2870 None None Did you know that Diplotator means 'double irritation?
Evo 2 None 20780 None None Unlike its stocky relative, the Diplocaulus, the Diplotator weighs a staggering 2 tons! That's more than an adult giraffe! Diplotator 11-20
Evo 3 100 47490 None None Like modern whales and dolphins, the Diplotator swims up and down. Its legs are too short to propel its body through deep water!
Evo 4 100 100505 350 None Unlike the Diplocaulus and Irritator, the Diplotator has spikes on its head and a spiky tail!



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