The dinosaur's card
Rarity Super Rare Aquatic
Class Reef
Price Unlocked by getting the Aquatics Pack and the Dolichorhynchops Pack.
Hatch Time Unknown
Unlock Method Unknown
Hybrid(s) Unknown
Coins Generated @ Lvl 40 Unknown
Health @ Lvl 40 Unknown
Damage @ Lvl 40 Unknown

About Dolichorhynchops

Dolichorhynchops is an extinct genus of polycotylid plesiosaur from the Late Cretaceous (early Turonian to late Campanian stage) of North America, containing three species, D. osborni, D. herschelensis and D. tropicensis. Dolichorhynchops was an oceangoing prehistoric reptile. Its Greek generic name means "long-nosed face". The holotype specimen of Dolichorhynchops osborni was discovered in the upper Smoky Hill Chalk Logan County, Kansas, by George F. Sternberg, as a teenager, in around 1900. The remains were collected by him and his father, Charles H. Sternberg, and then sold to the University of Kansas (Lawrence, Kansas). KUVP 1300 was prepared and mounted by H.T. Martin under the supervision of Dr. Samuel Wendell Williston, who described and named it in 1902. A more detailed description and photographs were provided by Williston 1903). The specimen has been on display in the KU Museum of Natural History since that time.

In the game

Dolichorhynchops is one of reef aquatics.

It also can be purchased for 2,000 DNA.



In level 1-10 - looks like a normal gray Dolichorhynchops .

In level 11-20 it has brown stripes and brown like color

In level 21-30 it has yellow like color.

In level 31-40 it has orange like color , blue stripes , spikes and something that level 40 Labyrinthodontia has too.


Level 40 Damage5559 Health9007 Coins Producted in 12 hours
1 49 156 227
10 73 233 2268
20 125 400 9072
30 190 609 27216
40 269 862 72576
Limited Edition




Super Rare Aquatics
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