About Eremotherium:

Eremotherium is a 20-foot tall sloth that moved along the ground instead of the trees, unlike its modern relatives. It lived in what is now North and South America.

In Game

Eremotherium can be obtained by beating its Battle Event. Once beaten, you can purchase it in the Creature Market for DNA. It was once a Super Rare Cenozoic but was promoted to a Legendary in Update 38.

Lvl 40 Stats

Evolution Table

Stage Rewards Facts Appearance
Bucks Food DNA LP
Evo 1 None 2200 None None Eremotherium is a 20 foot sloth! Unlike its modern relatives, it walks on the ground instead of hanging from tree branches. Eremotherium LVL10
Evo 2 None 18640 None None Eremotherium existed on earth for over 4 million years, living all across what is now North and South America! Eremotherium LVL20
Evo 3 100 85400 None None The Eremotherium lived all the way to the end of the Pleistocene. It only died out 11,000 years ago! Eremotherium LVL30
Evo 4 100 360940 244 None Eremotherium differs from the sloth, its modern descendent, in that it only has one claw on each foot! Eremotherium LVL40



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