Innovation Center
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The brown Roofed building is the Innovation Center.
Rarity Building
Class Cost Zero Coins
Price Role: Count how many dinosaurs you have
Hatch Time Sell Cost Can not be sold
Unlock Method Unlocked In the tutorial
Hybrid(s) Unknown
Coins Generated @ Lvl 40 Unknown
Health @ Lvl 40 Unknown
Damage @ Lvl 40 Unknown

About the building

The innovation center serves no purpose in the game other to count how many dinosaurs you have, and the innovation center scans promotional code. The innovation center CANNOT be sold for coins

The Uses

Counts how much dinosaurs in each class.

Counts how many hybrids there are 

Counts how many aquatics there are(Not in each class)

Counts how many cenozoics there are(Not in each class)


In Jurassic World, this building serves as a museum.

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Innovation Center's Role

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