Marsupial Lion
MarsupialLion Card
Marsupial Lion's Card
Some attributes
First Legendary
Second Snow
Third 5000 DNA
Other attributes
Fourth 4d 20hr Hatch Time
Fifth Unlocked by beating the Marsupial Lion Battle Event

About the Marsupial Lion:

The Marsupial Lion, also known as Thylacoleo ("pouch lion"), is an extinct species of carnivorous marsupial that was highly specialized in killing large prey. It is believed to have the strongest bite force of any mammal species, which it used to bring down creatures like Diprotodon. The arrangement and shape of its teeth is rather unique for a predatory species; its incisors and molars were made for shearing, while its canines were dull and short. The claws on its paws were retractable, all except for a pair of massive claws on its semi-opposable thumbs. It could also use its tail to lean back on, similar to the modern kangaroo; this would free up its paws to defend itself or attack.

In the Game:

The Marsupial Lion is a Legendary Snow creature unlocked in the game by beating its battle event. Once unlocked, it can be purchased in the Creature Market for 5000 DNA



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