Omega 09 can be described as a purple tyrannosaurus with glowing orange lines on its back which is likely lava

To fight Omega 09, you pay 5 bills. You then choose three dinosaurs to combat it. When you kill the level 1, Omega 09 regenerates health and gains damage. You continue to kill it until all you dinosaurs are gone. 


  • Omega 09 is so far one of the only three dinosaurs that are unplayable, the other being Valkyrie 77.
  • Omega 09, like the Indominus rex, has a unique finishing attack.
  • It keeps doubling health and attack till level 10.
  • a teaser might say that omega may be playable or will be rereleased.
  • There is a glitch where the game refers to Omega 09 as 'Omega 9' while selecting your roster.
  • Omega 09 size is bigger than a normal T Rex but slightly bigger than the indominus Rex, so I think he's/she's size at length is 55 feet long (16.8 meters) and it's height is 18 feet tall (5.5 meters)


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