About the Prize Drop:

The Prize Drop is a feature that allows players to buy tickets to obtain random prizes the next day. There are 4 tiers of prizes, with the highest being VIP exclusive. Every ticket purchased results in a prize.

The first tier allows you to watch videos to obtain 3 tickets, although you also have to buy the rest (max 10). The second and third tiers have a max of 20 tickets, but all must be bought with currencies. or real money. The VIP exclusive tier has a max of 10 tickets that are purchased with Loyalty Points.

As you purchase tickets you earn progress towards the next tier of Fidelity Rewards. Like the prize tiers, there are 4 tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Bronze tier gives rare creatures, Silver gives Super Rare creatures, Gold gives Limited Edition creatures, and Diamond gives VIP creatures. Each tier is progressively harder to obtain as they cost more tickets to fill the bars. It takes more than one day to reach Diamond, even if all tickets are purchased each round.


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