About Pterosaurs

Pterosaurs is one of the classes of dinosaurs . Many pterosaurs are common dinosaurs like Alanqa and Hatzegopteryx. Pterosaurs are suprior to amphibians and inferior to herbivores. They have three legendary dinosaurs.

 List of Pterosaurs

  1. Alanqa
  2. Tropeognathus
  3. Tapejara
  4. Hatzegopteryx
  5. Quetzalcoatlus
  6. Pteranodon
  7. Coloborhynchus
  8. Dsungaripterus
  9. Zhejiangopterus
  10. Dimorphodon
  11. Scaphognathus  
  12. Rhamphorhynchus  

List of Pterosaur Hybrids

  1. Tropeogopterus
  2. Suchoripterus
  3. Pelecanipteryx
  4. Limnorhynchus


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