Ranks of Dinosaurs

In the game there are 4 ranks of dinosaurs. They are common, rare, super rare , and legendary. Common is the weakest and legendary is the strongest. The stronger ranks cost 1000 DNA and above.

  1. You can get common dinosaurs in a common pack or mystery pack.
  2. You can get rare dinosaurs in rare packs or mystery pack( very seldom).
  3. You can get super rare dinosaurs in super rare packs.
  4. You can get legendary dinosaurs in legendary packs.

The rank of dinosaurs affects the DNA cost, such as a common dinosaur costing around 150 DNA and rare dinosaurs costing around 550 DNA

The dinosaurs' health and attack increase with their rank. The stars help show how powerful they are. 

The ranks have a special border around each portrait.

  1. Common dinosaurs have a blue border.
  2. Rare dinosaurs have a maroon border.
  3. Super rare dinosaurs has a sliver border.
  4. Legendary dinosaurs has a golden border,


IMG 4210

A super rare Zhejiangopterus with two stars

Jw card 2434

The 4 ranks of dinosaurs and Owen Grady

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