Resources help you improve your park and your dinosaurs. There are four types of resources: DNA , Food , Coins ,and bucks. Dinosaurs need DNA and Food to level up. Resources can also be obtained from missions


Food is used to level up dinosaurs. They are produced in the food production building. Players must use coins to purchase food. Food can be also won in mosasaurs tournament or in card packs.


Coins are used for producing food, buying buildings,taking part in battle stages, and taking part in arena show chases. They can be won by collecting from dinosaurs and buildings, winning them on prize wheels, and getting coins from card packs. They are the easiest resource to earn.

Dino Bucks

Dino bucks are one of the in game purchases in this game. They can speed up construction, evolution , and hatching. They can be obtained by the prize wheel or from card packs.


DNA is used for buying dinosaurs and evolving them. They are the rarest of the four resources.

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