Speedy Go Kart Circuit
The building's card
Rarity Building
Class 2880 in 2 hours
Price 100,000 to purchase
Hatch Time Park level 8 to unlock
Unlock Method Size 4X5 tiles
Hybrid(s) Unknown
Coins Generated @ Lvl 40 Unknown
Health @ Lvl 40 Unknown
Damage @ Lvl 40 Unknown

Speedy Go Kart Circuit 

Speedy Go Kart Circuit is one of the larger buildings unlocked in the early levels.

Appearance of Speedy Go Kart Circuit

The Speedy Go Kart Circuit has a car track through a rib case of a dinosaur and through a skull of a dinosaur. There are blue cars zoom around the track. There is bleachers and palm tree on the sides. There is a sign of Jurassic Kart and a Jurassic World symbol.

it is one of the largest buidlings.

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