About Trading Harbor

The Trading Harbor is a feature that can be used to trade surplus currencies, buildings, and creatures for other currencies, buildings, and creatures. It is run by Chanya Diogo, who will offer 7 randomly generated trades at a time. Each trade will be available for 1hr 30min before it expires. Buildings and Creatures can only be traded before they are placed or hatched, and all trades are final and cannot be refunded.

A custom trade (or 3 with a VIP Membership) can be created every 24 hours; you can pay 250 Dino Bucks to skip this timer. Custom trades allow the user to trade a specific thing for something of their choice, i.e Coins for a Cenozoic Animal. Not all types of trades can be done this way, however.

Some trades are VIP exclusive. These almost always involve Loyalty Points or VIP Creatures and Buildings. VIP exclusive content can be traded for without a VIP Membership occasionally

List of Tradeable Items:


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