The tutorial is the part of the game were the player learns about the game. In the beginning a helicopter carrying a crate. Then the helicopter delivers a majungasaurus to the battle arena. Then you are introduced to Owen and Hoskins. You fight the Majungasurus with a triceratops. You lose the battle because of class disadvantage. Then you feed the triceratops with food. You evolve the triceratops, and then you beat the Majungasurus. After that you unlock the majungasaurus, and Claire tells you to produce food . You spend 300 coins to start producing food. Once you level up to park level 2, the tutorial is over. 

The tutorial helps teach the players battle tactics, hatching a dinosaur, feeding a dinosaur, and evolving a dinosaur.  

The tutorial helps produce food and place dinosaur paddocks. The tutorial also teaches in completing missions

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